Kiln Dried v Seasoned v Green Logs

Kiln Dried

Kiln-Drying is the process of placing sawn lumber into kilns where heated air is circulated and the temperature and RH of the kiln is controlled to reach the desired moisture content of the wood.

The benefits of using Kiln Dried Wood are:

  • Ready to burn the day it is delivered
  • More aesthetically pleasing – brighter flame
  • Ignites easily and burns efficiently
  • Weighs Less – much lighter than green or even short term seasoned logs
  • Cleaner Wood – less bark and debris to track into your home

Seasoned Firewood

  • Wood that has been cut and split at least a year ago
  • Air and Sun combine to dry (season) out the wood

Benefits of using Seasoned Firewood

  • Improves storability – less chance of mold or degrading
  • The seasoning process reduces ash & emissions, overall helping to decrease harm to the environment

Green Logs/Unseasoned Firewood

Freshly cut logs/unseasoned logs are called Green Logs. Unseasoned logs have a much higher moisture content compared to seasoned logs which have dried out over time with sun and air.

Therefore Green logs are less efficient than seasoned firewood due to the amount of heat needed to boil the water and even more heat to then turn it into steam. Much of the logs heat value is then wasted as this steam goes up the chimney instead of heating the room.