Splitting Firewood

Essential Tools

Maul or Ax

A maul is heavier and has a wider head but an ax can work just as well.

Important Notes

Remember you’re splitting wood not cutting or chopping so the key isn’t how sharp your tools are

Seasoned wood splits better

If the wood has nails in, don’t bother

If the wood has knots in it, skip it. Although if you can find a line through the middle which doesn’t interfere with a knot, go for it

Split along the lines |

1/ Put the piece of wood on it’s end or on the ground

2/ Place yourself at an angle that when you swing your arms, the blade will hit the wood. Make sure that there are no persons or property that could be damaged in the vicinity.

3/ Stand with your feet apart at a distance from the wood allowing a full swing with the ax pulling the ax straight over your head and swing it straight forward